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Supporters of NO to K in Sausalito

Elected Officials (past and present)

  • Dennis Scremin, Former Sausalito Mayor and City Council Member, Psychotherapist

  • Ian Sobieski, Sausalito City Council Member

  • Janelle Kellman, Sausalito Mayor

  • Jill Hoffman, Sausalito City Council Member

  • Joan Cox, Former Sausalito Mayor

  • Leon Huntting, Former Sausalito City Council Member

  • Melissa Blaustein, Sausalito Vice Mayor

  • Mike Kelly, Former Sausalito Mayor and City Council Member

  • Peter Van Meter, 48 year resident, former City Council Member and Fire District Director

  • Ray Withy, Former Sausalito Mayor and City Council Member

  • Ron Albert, Former Sausalito Mayor and City Council Member

  • Stephen M Willis, Retired Police and Fire Chief, elected Fire Board member, 54 year resident

  • Susan Cleveland Knowles, Sausalito City Council Member and former Mayor

  • Tom Reilly, Former Sausalito City Council Member

  • Tom Theodores, Former Sausalito Mayor and City Council Member

  • Vicki Nichols, Former Sausalito Planning Commissioner

  • Yasmine McGrane, Sausalito Marin City School District Trustee, 18 year resident


  • Alicia Leach, 17 year resident, former Willow Creek Foundation board member

  • Allie Behr, 12 year resident and local business owner

  • Amie Blanco

  • Anne Dorsey, 36 year resident, former Sausalito Village board member

  • Arliss A Willis, RN, NP, 55 year resident

  • Bethanie Murguia, Children's book author and illustrator

  • Betsy Stroman, 30 year resident

  • Brad Waldo

  • Brian Duggan, 17 year resident, parent of teenager

  • Carlito Berg

  • Carol Cotton, 20 year resident, 45 year Bay Area Educator and Family Therapist

  • Carolyn Revelle

  • CDR Rand Wintermute, US Coast Guard ( Ret.)

  • Ceci Browne

  • Cheryl Popp

  • Dana Christensen

  • Dieter Rapp, long time resident

  • Dina Enberg, Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor  (CADC-CAS)

  • Donna Kolkey

  • Dr. Ed Fotsch

  • Elizabeth O'Keefe, 30 year resident, past president Sausalito Woman's Club

  • Erik Tiemens, 20 year resident and award-winning artist

  • Erika Ducati, 18 years resident, holistic defense social worker

  • Eve Weinsheimer, 16 year resident, parent of three, graphic artist

  • Gail Schell

  • George Schell

  • Gina Cerre, 42 year resident 

  • Greer Westerlink, Lycée Français parent of two

  • Jenny Silva, past board member of Tam PTSA

  • Jerry Spolter

  • Jessie Morgan, 18 year resident & parent of two

  • Joe DeBellis

  • John Baker

  • John Ferraro

  • John Oppenheimer, Chair, Sausalito Library Board

  • John Tarzon, 6 year resident, active community member, parent

  • Judianne Eynon

  • Judith Fraser

  • Judith Wetterer, 27 year resident

  • Karyn Forsyth Duggan, 17 year resident, parent of teenager, business owner in residence

  • Kelley Busby Tiemens, 20 year resident, Tam HS parent and Varsity Tennis coach

  • Kris Roberts, 6 year resident, business owner and parent

  • Kristen Wolslegel 

  • Kurt Weinsheimer, 16 year resident, parent of three, 14 year Board of Directors for Willow Creek Academy, C-level Executive

  • Laura Marks

  • Laura Rapp, long time resident

  • Laurel Morris Spolter

  • Linda Daniels, 35 year resident

  • Lisa Bennett, 26 year resident and local activist

  • Lisa Murphy, 2 year resident, active community member, Marketing Executive

  • Marc Ebbin, 20 year resident

  • Marimar Torres

  • Monica Finnegan

  • Pastor Paul Mowry

  • Pat D'Amico

  • Pat Zuch

  • Patricia Wood

  • Patty Bacon

  • Robert Massey

  • Roxie Baker

  • Sallie Huntting

  • Sam Chase, 46 year resident

  • Scott Brauninger

  • Serena Dugan, 15 year resident, parent of two teenagers, local business owner

  • Sherrie Faber, 33 year resident of Sausalito and local business owner for 30+years

  • Shannon Kerr, 15 year resident and parent of two teenagers

  • Steve Siskin, resident, parent and personal trainer

  • Sumi Kaga, Marin native and Sausalito resident

  • Timothy McCloud, candidate for Sausalito City Council

  • Walter Lemmermann

  • Wendy Richards

  • Wesley Renzas, 45 year resident

And others
  • ​Alison Crair, Marin Resident and Certified Addiction Counselor

  • ​Chris Chouteau

  • David Finnane, Marin County School Principal for 22 years, TK-5 and 6-8

  • David E. Smith MD, Past President of American Society of Addiction Medicine

  • Don Carney, Executive Director of Youth Transforming Justice

  • Elizabeth O'Donnell, Co-Founder of Marin Residents for Public Health Cannabis Policies

  • Emily Uhlhorn, Mill Valley School District Board Member, former President of Tam High School PTSA

  • Jen Conway, Marin City resident, MLK Academy parent, Tech Executive, Education Activist

  • Kendra Pollack, Heart of the Village Founder

  • Laurie Dubin, Founder of Be The Influence

  • Michelle Leopold, Co-Founder of Marin Residents for Public Health Cannabis Policies

  • Pat D'Amico

  • Sally Newson, Executive Director of Wellify Teen

  • Timmen L. Cermak, MD, Marin resident and author of Marijuana on My Mind

*Titles used for identification purposes only

Measure K... No Thank You, Not Like This. This measure amends Sausalito's laws for operation of cannabis business in Sausalito. The measure designates possible locations of these businesses throughout most zones in Sausalito except residential zones. This includes industrial and waterfront zones in the Marinship. SWWC does not support measure K for that reason.

- Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition

Measure K is not how Sausalito does business. We don't cut corners or push efforts that try to avoid meaningful public input. This initiative is bankrolled by a large cannabis corporation and it deserves a lot more public engagement. Please join me in voting No on K and sending this corporation back through a public planning process like any other business.

- Janelle Kellman, Mayor of Sausalito

Whether you think a cannabis retail establishment is right for Sausalito or not, Measure K does not provide a fair process and, in addition to locking in one provider over any others, would severely restrict Sausalito's ability to provide meaningful oversight or regulation of this emerging industry. A no vote will allow the City Council to continue to debate cannabis laws with more public input, retain the ability to select the best provider(s), and adjust regulations over time to maximize public health and safety.

- Susan Cleveland Knowles, Sausalito City Council Member

An important detail everyone should consider – if passed, Sausalito City Council will be prohibited from issuing any tweaks or changes to how retail cannabis is administered in our town. Any unforeseen problems that require changes will have to wait for, and be contingent upon the slow, cumbersome, and expensive process of future ballot initiatives.

This is no way to manage the affairs of our town.

- Ian Sobieski, Sausalito City Council Member

California law permits retail outlets for recreational cannabis when local jurisdictions approve. The political process involved in obtaining approval is admittedly cumbersome for corporations eager to open shop. However, if cannabis businesses want to integrate successfully into local communities, they need to follow the political process of submitting their proposals to hearings and negotiation with political leaders.


I support NO to K because the authors of this initiative are circumventing the normal political process. They have naturally written a law tilted toward industry interests, forcing Sausalito residents to vote up or down. If passed, the city will be locked into a process that is nearly impossible to alter once in place. Big Cannabis knows it is extremely difficult and expensive for a community to modify any law passed by initiative. The problem is that the current process is too industry driven. As a member of California’s Cannabis Advisory Committee, I have watched industry forces advance their interests without regard to community public health interests whenever they can. Free enterprise should not be left free to write the laws.

- Timmen L. Cermak, MD, Marin resident and author of Marijuana on My Mind

Measure K is about big money and large cannabis corporations getting a foothold in Sausalito and opening the door to move into other cities across the county. Other Marin communities have been fighting these outsiders for years, whose values do not fit with their small-town, family-oriented nature. Those who want cannabis can already get it easily through delivery. Without the proper regulations – and with the sole focus on corporate profits – this Sausalito storefront will undoubtedly contribute to access, increasing normalization and an already problematic use and addiction rate amongst our Marin teens.


- Sally Newson, Executive Director of Wellify Teen

There is a vast chasm between generally benevolent feelings about cannabis and having a local storefront creating all kinds of havoc for our town.
- Anne Dorsey, 36 year resident, former Sausalito Village board member

I fully support cannabis delivery services for medical purposes or adult recreational use but I strongly oppose anything that further normalizes, promotes, or adds another outlet for access to marijuana for Marin youth - such as the proposed cannabis storefront in Sausalito. It’s simply not necessary and increases risk factors for our children.  

- ​David Finnane, Marin County School Principal for 22 years

Endorsed by the Marin Independent Journal, the Marin Democratic Party, and the Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition

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