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Reject this Initiative and Vote NO.

Corporate Cannabis Shouldn’t Be Making Sausalito Laws.

This corporate initiative strips local control from Sausalito residents, evades oversight and regulation by elected officials and grants power solely to the cannabis corporation Otter Brands. It gives a monopoly to Otter Brands ensuring that only it meets the specific requirements for a retail and delivery cannabis store. The initiative excludes all other viable competitors.

Many of us voted to decriminalize and regulate cannabis with Prop 64 - this measure is not about that - it is a power grab by corporate cannabis.

Written by Otter Brands’ owners, the initiative exempts their cannabis store from complying with present and future Sausalito laws designed to protect our health and safety. As Sausalito residents, we have serious concerns. The initiative has:

  • No City controls regulating cannabis businesses or protecting the public

  • No traffic or parking impact studies

  • No restrictions for on-site consumption

  • No distance requirements from residents’ properties

  • No restrictions on high potency THC (up to 99%) making today’s cannabis a different drug

  • No restrictions on sales of flavored cannabis products that specifically appeal to youth

  • No efforts to mitigate important environmental impacts


Revenues to Sausalito are illusory. They will be far less than what could be collected if this initiative is defeated and the City enacts cannabis revenue legislation. Otter Brands’ ally already sued Sausalito’s elected officials and staff. Costs from litigation, plus administrative staff time and law enforcement will be substantial.

Every other town in Marin has rejected corporate cannabis storefronts.

This initiative is severely flawed. Its restrictive terms tie the City’s hands. Changes likely will require another costly ballot measure. Any future cannabis laws should be made by Sausalito’s elected City Council members, with public input, regulation, and public health and safety protections.



ELIZABETH S. O’KEEFE, Long term Resident


THOMAS THEODORES, Former Mayor Sausalito


Measure K is not about making a safer, healthier Sausalito. Our eldery residents CAN get safe, convenient, medical marijuana by local delivery services and nearby stores. Any adult can purchase recreational cannabis.

Who Is Behind Measure K

Otter Brands’ founder and CEO Conor Johnston is NOT local. Johnston co-owns Berner’s on Haight, partnering with Berner, the CEO of Cookies, a BILLION dollar international cannabis conglomerate.

Berner pioneered marketing products like cannabis vapes and smell-proof backpacks on Instagram. This strategy undeniably attracts youth.

What Current Studies Prove

  • A 2022 USC study links California local retail cannabis stores to increased local teen use. Worse, Otter Brands’ preferred store location is CLOSER to schools and playgrounds than the State recommends.

  • Oregon, Colorado and Washington have plenty of stores but some of the highest teen cannabis use in the nation.

  • The illegal market has only grown despite legal stores.

  • A 2019 NIH study shows NO evidence cannabis laws are associated with decreased opioid deaths. Karen Cleary's argument cites 2015 data. 

Costs to our Community

Otter Brands’ lawyers already cost us by suing to kick out a competing social equity cannabis measure. Their lawyers continue to demand special treatment and rule waivers, signaling more legal fights in the future.

The $50k community benefit per cannabis business is a pittance compared to City Attorney fees, staff time, and other expenses.

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