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Sausalito Voted NO to Corporate Cannabis
In the November 2022 election, an overwhelming 73.54% of Sausalito voters rejected Measure K. Sausalito residents sent a strong message about the importance of a community voice in deciding which and what kinds of cannabis businesses beyond delivery should be allowed to operate in their town.
Measure K was an attempted Power Grab 
The Details

The 14-page ballot initiative was drafted in such a manner that ONLY Otter Brands could meet the requirements for a cannabis retail storefront license if the initiative passed. It wasn't an initiative as much as a "business plan by ballot" for the financial benefit of a few people.


The Opposition to Measure K

Vote NO to K had the support of all five Sausalito City Council Members, Marin Independent Journal, Marin Democratic Party, Damon Connolly, Sara Aminzadeh, Sausalito Working Waterfront Coalition, and dozens more community leaders and organizations.

The Voter's Guide Opposition Statements detail the flaws of the initiative and the community concerns. 

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